holly (turnip_bit_me) wrote in polevaultpower,


hey everyone!!!
is everyone excited for the season? i know i am, but i have a bit of a problem. i hurdle, pole vault and sprint. i have my first meet of the year on saturday and my events are as follows:
100 hh - 10:00am
pole vault -11:00am
300 h - 11:35am
4x4 - 2:00pm

the thing is, i wanted to do well in pole vault, but i have my 300 hurdles in the middle of it. i kind of want to tell my hurdle coach that maybe i just dont want to do them this meet, but i know he'll be mad at me. its not that i just want to get out it, i just dont want to have to worry about 2 events at once. ive done this in the past but i want to focus more on pole vault this year. i dont know what to do. i know its the first meet of the season and i probably wont do anything spectacular in either, but im still a little torn. anyone ever have the same problem?
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