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A Pole Vaulter's Christmas Wish List

Pole Vaulter's Christmas Wish List

1. A Pole Vault Power T-Shirt - These are the hottest pole vault shirts on the market! Buy them at

2. A Neo Vault DVD - Neo Vault 3: The Reckoning is now available. All of these DVDs not only showcase some of the world's top vaulters, they are a great way to get pumped up about the sport.

3. A Pole Vaulter's Dream - This DVD goes beyond showing the athleticism of the sport, it takes you into the lives and lifestyles of some of America's top vaulters.

4. A t-shirt from Tom Swan - My favorite is the "Bent" shirt.

5. A t-shirt from In Flight Athletics - These shirts are really high quality and available in a number of color options.

6. A trip to a pole vault camp - Check out the News and Announcements forum on Pole Vault Power for the latest listings.

7. A new pole - talk with your coach about the right size, or call Jan Johnson at 888-279-7502 if you are not sure.

8. Beginner to Bubka - this is the best instructional pole vault book that is currently available. Lots of pictures make it easier to understand.

9. Music by John Ryland - John Ryland is an accomplished collegiate vaulter, and the younger brother of elite vaulter Daniel Ryland. His music is amazing. He doesn't have a web link to buy his CDs, but you can check him out at and contact him through there.

10. Any of the Sky Systems Videos - These are on VHS and a little old school, but still great to watch, and it looks like the price has come down.
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