Becca (rainbowgirl28) wrote in polevaultpower,

Pole Vault ABC Survey

I made this up... you can view other people's answers on at

A - Adidas anything - yay or nay:
B - Brand of pole you last vaulted on:
C - Coach:
D - Deepest box you have ever used:
E - Essential item at track meets:
F - Free takeoff - can you do it?
G - Grip - chalky, sticky, etc:
H - Highest grip you have ever used successfully:
I - Inches you can vault over your handgrip (over a bar in a meet):
J - Joke:
K - Kids you have convinced to try pole vaulting:
L - Longest run:
M - Mystic poles - hot or not:
N - Name the states and countries you have competed in for pole vaulting:
O - Opinion on high school weight rating:
P - Pole Vaulters Dream - own it?
Q - Quarter inch spikes or shorter?
R - Rituals you perform before you vault:
S - Spike brand you prefer:
T - Tuck and shoot?
U - Under much?
V - Vaulting heroes:
W - Weather you prefer to vault in:
X - X-factor Gatorade or regular?
Y - Year you first competed:
Z - Zippered spikes?
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